Safety Reigns Supreme

As we move forward with new CDC guidelines, safety continues to be the number-one priority at Aveda on 3rd.

We have exciting news! We will continue to maintain our Synexis bio-defense system that we installed when we reopened in May 2020. With this system, you are protected from harmful airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and microbials. Through this entire pandemic, we have kept the health and safety of our guests and our team at the forefront of our decision making. Recently our salon has received many inquiries of how we are moving forward with the most recent CDC guidelines released the week of May 12, 2021.

The CDC and top scientists have recently determined that two weeks after individuals are fully vaccinated, they should be safe from contracting or spreading COVID-19. As such, the CDC has issued guidance which suggests it is safe for fully vaccinated individuals to forgo the use of a mask in certain environments.

Therefore, for our guests and staff who voluntarily provide evidence of being vaccinated against COVID-19, you have a choice: You may continue to wear a mask, or you may choose not to wear a mask while in the salon. Our intention is that you enjoy the same services every other member of our community receives, but without the need to wear a face mask if you so choose.

With the CDC’s new guidance in mind, and because of the nature of a salon service and the inability to social distance within a salon environment, we are still requiring the use of face masks for those who have not been vaccinated. We have been, and will remain, open to serve our clients and our community regardless of their decision or ability to receive a COVID-19 vaccination—which practice is in compliance with Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 21-81.


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We understand that there are many opinions on this matter, and we respect everyone and their personal choice; however, health and safety being the new luxury will always be our number-one priority. To that end, there are many other safety and sanitation initiatives that are being implemented. For more info, visit our terms of service page.