Get grays gone in less than five minutes

Before After Grey Blending, Source: Aveda

You’re a silver fox, and you’re more than okay with that. You like the aura of maturity and wisdom grey hair confers (after all, you’ve earned it). And you don’t want to spend hours at the salon getting monthly root touch-ups.

Good news. Here at Aveda Men St. Pete, we recently launched a brand-new service for guys like you. It’s called Grey Blending, and it doesn’t hide white and silver hairs—it camouflages them for a subtle effect that’s the ideal blend of salt and pepper. Read on to find out more about how this $20 service works, and why it’s the next best thing to a weight-lifting regime when it comes to turning the clock back a few years.

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Five minutes at the bowl and you’re set for a month

Coming in for your monthly trim? Perfect—you’re already halfway there. Aveda’s Grey Blending service is a five-minute add-on service that your stylist can perform right at the shampoo bowl. Grey blending comes in five different shades ranging from light to dark ash, one of which is bound to be your perfect match. It’s a 95 percent naturally derived*, demi-permanent color that fades out gradually over the course of four weeks, without leaving a harsh line of demarcation and obvious roots. Every time you come in for a cut, you can re-up your grey blending at the same time.

Just how much change are we talking?

Grey blending is not an in-your-face dye job. It won’t be obvious that you’ve had your grays tinted—not even to other customers, since the process requires only a few minutes after your shampoo. It’s also non-damaging, as the color formulas contain protective organic sunflower, castor and jojoba oils. (They’ll actually leave your hair in even healthier condition than it was before.) All in all, grey blending is one of those small tweaks that might lead people to ask if you’ve lost weight or had a really good night’s sleep—something that leaves you looking like yourself, but fresher, more restored.

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The bottom line

Color shouldn’t be something you stress over. It should be quick, easy and make a positive difference when it comes to your overall look—and the new grey blending hits the mark. Come by Aveda Men St. Pete and see for yourself. You’ll be back on the Florida beach in no time, feeling more confident than ever.

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.